#54 — Being poor is expensive, Bored and Self Reflection

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Once upon a time we used to get bored, and what’s more shocking is that we were pretty ok with being bored. Constant connection to the internet and Facebook meant we no longer spend any time just gazing into space and reflect upon ourselves.

This concept makes me sick, this frustrating constant is unfortunately a way of our society, basically the poorer you are the more money works against you. Bills are higher even if you use the same amount, you have to spend more on repairing cheap cars and you can take advantages of bulk buys. it’s pretty shitty. Another article on this crappy problem.

If you are designer, watch as many talks by Mike as you can, then read all his books, I’m only about 1/5 of the way through his stuff, but can already tell he is fantastic. Here’s a good one to start one How Designers Destroyed the World.

A neat little presentation about how “apps” has evolved from tiny tools on our mobile phones to giant smart systems. Some are incredibly helpful but invisible.

If you ask me “How much is it to make a website”, I’ll answer with “How much is it to buy a car”, the answer is the same: depends what you are after! A 10 year old Ford is going to be very different from the latest Aston Martin. This site asks you a bunch of questions and gives you a rough idea of the cost, not perfect, but it’s a helpful indicator.

My Week
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I seriously need a break

[The Good] Unfortunately, I really can’t think of much
[The Bad] Missed all my goals last week. No meditations & no job offer yet
[The Bad] Superbly stressed at the moment, so many things happening left, right & centre

Originally published at Shapes.

UX Designer / Web Developer who loves to tinker with technology. Happily accept I'm a geek but hate to sit still all day. http://www.shapes.io

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