#60 — Friends, Prioritisation and Hacking your old cameras


“Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.” How many “close friends” do you have? It’s definitely about the quality over quantity here, and the shocking thing is not having enough could mean you die younger #SeriousStuff

I think it show be obvious to be productive, having a todo list is critical. What this little app does is help you focus on getting one key thing done a day first, then you can look at smaller tasks. I would also recommend you write down your todos for the next day at the end of the day, it lets you get started quicker the next day and allows you to remove yourself from it to enjoy the rest of the evening.

I LOVE old film cameras, I love how they look as much as the quality of you the photos it self. As we are moving more toward smartphone photography (which I both appreciate and detest) These beautiful designs are being discarded and forgotten, this amazing project is bringing them back to life.

Tips and tricks used by startups and large corporation to make you spend more. Its really surprising how many ways they can come up with to psychologically detach you from your perspective of “money”. Does anyone remember ?

I’ve been suffering from an alarming number of back, shoulders and ankle issues lately. Its worrying and a hell of a wake up call to better look after my body. If you are interested in improving your general mobility level I highly recommend this

My Week

Bonjour everyone!

What’s been happening? The last 2 weeks has been absolutely crazy, mainly due to a number of minor family issues and . Finally things are looking as if it’s moving in the right direction again, it’s very tiring but I hope things will work out. fingers crossed!

[The Good] Found a much nicer way to commute to work, allowing more time and space to read or relax
[The Bad] Struggling with being ok with the unknown much more than usual
[The Bad] Screwed up my ankle, it feels like it’s jammed and not in the right position a lot of the times

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UX Designer / Web Developer who loves to tinker with technology. Happily accept I'm a geek but hate to sit still all day.

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