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UX Designer / Web Developer who loves to tinker with technology. Happily accept I'm a geek but hate to sit still all day.
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Lesson one: Bigger goals are actually easier

One of the marketing experiment I ran

What is

This is what my mind feels like sometimes, too many things happening, lists are good

Before we start — Do we have a clear objective in mind

  1. What do we want the users to do
  2. What don’t we want the users to do
  3. What data do we have to support the work
  4. What are the metrics we are looking for to track whether we meet desired behaviour
  5. What assumptions are we making?

One of the early prototypes for

  1. Seeing my daughter smile
  2. Watching my daughter and my wife interact, playing together, attempting to chat.
  3. The laughters, so many silly but adorable moments
  4. Being able to comfort her and make her feel safe
  5. Seeing her go from teary eyes to the biggest smile
  6. Gave me a new focus in life, less options also mean less distractions
  7. Getting cuddles
  8. Realising how lucky I am to have such an amazing life partner

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