Weekly top 5 #38 — UK, Bootstart and Relationships

Hello from UK!
I am finally back in freezing cold UK and my word it is still beautiful. We’ve been back 10 days now and are slowly settling back in, finding a place to live in London proofs to be rather difficult when I don’t yet have a job.

One Googler talks how we should manage our time. Set time aside to create, protect that time and respect other people’s time to create.

Quick 16 points all entrepreneurs should pay attention to approaching entrepreneurship right, such as “9. Love the Problem, Not Your Solution — Having more passion for your solution than your customer’s problem, is a problem.”

Myths for Millennials (Roughly defined as those born in 1980–2000s) are thought as Digital Natives, designers expects them to be experts in technology, but what they don’t realise is how error prone they may be.

What makes some couples so perfect while others turn into a disaster? Do you know the difference between Passive Destructive, Passive Constructive, Active Destructive and Active Constructive in relationships

It’s not actually that hard to improve your cognitive abilities, Here’s 3 ways to actually grow your number of brain cells: learn more, sex and exercise.

[Good] New start, new challenge :)

[Bad] Settling back into London requires so much more effort than I imagined

[Bad] Its bloody cold in UK, I don’t remember not being able to feel my toes…

Originally published at Shapes.

UX Designer / Web Developer who loves to tinker with technology. Happily accept I'm a geek but hate to sit still all day. http://www.shapes.io

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