Weekly Top 5 #53 — Parents, Self Esteem and Making Friends

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Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who I think are unfit to be parents, either emotionally or mentally. This quick animation shows just how much your parents can effect your self-esteem / how much you like yourself.

I know the article title is a bit awkward, it’s suggesting something that is supposed to be so natural to us should be studied with cold hard science. You don’t actually need to worry about the ‘hard science’ of it all, it actually just talks about how important it is to make an effort in making the right kinda friends for you — people you like, people you get on, people make you a better person and not just whoever you happen to know already.

A fantastically funny “Ted Talk” on how to PRETEND to be a thought leader, highly worth watching and it’s less than 3 minutes long

Really good podcast with Kevin Rose (Serial Entrepreneur and Investor) and Jason Fried (Found of Basecamp) on what builds really amazing company culture, and it’s not always about the money.

Many of you may have heard of “Everything is Awesome” the song from the Lego movie, it’s certainly very very catchy. Well, Greenpeace heard it too but disagreed with Lego because the amount of damage Lego is causing to the environment. In response they made this Ad.
I love legos so much, please don’t make me hate you, clean up your act please!

Hi folks,
How’s your week been? I’ve started job hunting in Hong Kong, had several skype interviews so far, some went well, so not so sure about, both exciting and nerve racking. I also realise I much prefer in person interviews, I would prefer it if I could see the person I’m interacting with instead of just skype audio.

[The Good] I’m still writing my 5 minutes daily journal
[The Bad] Anxious about moving back to Hong Kong, so much to sort out
[This Week’s Goal] Go to Gymnastics training and be awesome
[This Week’s Goal] Get a job offer in Hong Kong

Originally published at Shapes.

UX Designer / Web Developer who loves to tinker with technology. Happily accept I'm a geek but hate to sit still all day. http://www.shapes.io

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